As increasingly more small companies are stepping out of the border to look for opportunities in technology flow, cross-border investment and market access, we find it a common understanding for business incubators in the APEC region to establish a co-incubation network. The establishment of an open and cooperative co-incubation network in APEC region will promote the integration of incubation resources from each member economy, provide cross-border incubation services to technology SMEs and ultimately, stimulate the globalization of both the companies and incubators.

Supported by the Industrial Science & Technology Working Group of APEC, this meeting aims at establishing the APEC Co-incubation Network, through a collective contribution of major business incubators in the APEC region, as a direct correspondence to the APEC visions of accomplishing the regional economic intergration and creating international S&T networks to stimulate the innovation and entrepeneurship.

Organized by Xi’an International Business Incubator, the 5th APEC Business Incubation Meeting will be held on Sept 6-8, 2011 in Xi’an, China. With the theme being “Build A Co-incubation Network”, the meeting will invite incubator managers, experts, entrepreneurs, service providers, officials and investors from around APEC economies to share the latest co-incubation theories and practices and to co-launch the APEC Co-incubation Network.

APEC Business Incubation Conference
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